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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Firsts are always firsts & special

What significance does the number 1 hold to you . You ask this to anyone and the answers that would come would more or less be the same . Similar to what you might have thought for . Then why did you ask ?!

A common thing which people might miss would be saying - First is special . Firsts are special . Ask them to name a few and then it will take time for the same spontaneous group to come back with an answer .

That is because they have never stepped out of the thinking process , never took time out , they were always running and running to make sure the things to do list was dealt with on priority . They never had the time to enjoy those special moments , those special people that came and went by all this time.

It's hard to recollect . Your first smile , your first tear , your first kiss, your first break up , your first hands on experience in the most scrumptious dish in the world . The first time you took her out ,the first time you started to learn how to walk , the first time you started saying hi and hello . Goodness ! Remember them .These were all a part of your life once and you never had the time to cherish them or grab the moment .

Often when I go out for my walks / jogs as you call , I always wait and glance at the bridge . Life comes to a standstill . Looking at the bridge I feel time has stopped . There has been so much in life that I never really knew what do make or take out of it .  When I take a deep breath I realise wow - life is indeed  beautiful  and so were the firsts in the life .

That sight of seeing your little kid walk , your wife making the most tough moments in life so easy , the sight of your grandparent holding your hand and walking by and your parents who are everything . It's so much that God has given to all of us , yet we don't know what we keep chasing all the time. 

The sight of the mom whose young daughter is wearing a churra , the smiles on the face of the groom when he sees the girl / wife - these sights are forever . These  are our firsts and yet we miss them all the way .

Whenever we see a movie of any genre , at times we feel so connected yet it takes three hours for an entire team to make us realise what we had already experienced .  Bad !!

Seeing people running after money , working not hard but crazy hard , not having a second to call and wish someone on b'days  - is this the life we wanted . Certainly not  . Why do people move away to places on vacations . To enjoy . Not really . They think so but deep down they don't count seven days of bliss , they think seven days and the clock starts again .

Every time I see such people make me think , man ! these are gone cases . When was the last time they went to an ISKCON and jumped with delight in the  prayers . When was it that they sat quietly at the dargah of nizamuddin auliya . These folks need much more than a break .

They need to appreciate the value of 1 more than just a number . It's then only they start living and living life to the fullest .....

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