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Life in the sky

:) :)

Things move fast ! And we all move faster ! Life moves smooth ! and we move faster ! Irony !!

Lately,have been so wanting to share / write something to anything but squeezing time was far tougher than squeezing lime . I am still figuring what is keeping me busy . With all the red flags , reminder , planner , to-do things working very hard for me ; still something is a miss . Often it happens that noting / writing doesn't necessarily means doing / closing .

Last week I flew to Chennai . It was an experience in itself . One day trip and a half day session - combined in one. Though ,I had been to the place before , in my growing years I hardly recollect . This time it was a superb journey . My first visit to the stunning T3 which is a massive place to be in . In case you haven't checked it out yet , it's a must visit . But make sure you do not miss your flight  :p . The aerobridges were something that caught my eye . Truly world class.Chennai in particular , is not a one …