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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a YES with a pinch of NO

I have been attending a lot of marriages this 2011 .And when I say a lot , it means a lot.

First there was this Indian born Australian Hindu boy getting married to an Australian girl .

Then it was a Polish girl getting happily married with a Haryanavi thakur boy.

Not to forget,the cute Delhi Punjabi munda exchanging vows with the ever beautiful Bengali bride.

These are just a few ones. There were a lot many.

Love today is expanding.Beyond boundaries and limits.It's all over. People getting hooked online and sharing wedding invites on email's are a common phenomena. Just yesterday I was attending a Muslim reception and to my surprise it was simply beautiful.Time has changed a lot and so , I guess, the love too.It's more than just liking or loving someone . It's more than just searching for someone who fits in the family household.It's something words can't describe.

After all this , it makes me wonder which one do I settle for ? Not that too many options I have , now ;)

Should I settle down to the love [ I am still not sure,if its love  ] of eight years and see how life changes ?

Should I marry someone who is so close to my folks that they know they'll be happy having her around ?

Should I say yes to the Muslim girl who , I know,in the hearts of heart loves me ?

Should I cry , wipe out and full with positivity go back in time and tell that special someone of my college days , that it's time we make up and settle down ?

Should I try my hand out at that person whom I really liked in my management training days .So what if she was elder to me?

Should I wait and see if I can get engaged to an "angrez" ?

Should I be with someone whom I know is my opposite and hates me , but deep down I think we are paired ?

Should I get into a relationship with someone who already has done something that one only imagines after marriage ? And I know ,if we are together we will rock !

Should I have tried to pursue my parents not to let that "Bengali" girl get married so soon ?

Should I wait and watch like my childhood buddy did ? Wait for the parents to act and then settle down with a cute simple family girl ?

Should I try for that highly intellect Bangalore girl who's family simply adores me ?

Should I say "yes" to that person with whom I have been chatting all along in this journey ?

Sometimes , somethings are to be left just the way they are .After all , miracles do happen.And so does cataclysms.Life is more than just being with someone . It's a whole wide world out there.And yes,there is a lot of value-to be added from your presence.

In the meantime you figure out what I have just shared - do listen to this -

Also,the views / relations / religions shared / expressed are not to be misquoted or misinterpreted :) . They are not necessarily related to me or to my network of people.

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Wishing you all a happy life !! :)


Tanvi said...

Hilarious.. well you have this nice ability to express collectively.. it excites the brain :) :)


Karan said...

@Tanvi - Thanks ! Appreciated ! :)

antara4ever said...

The post is seriously awesome! :D Can't wait for more posts

Karan said...

@Antara - Thanks for the appreciation . There are many more already shared , waiting for your inputs.Will keep sharing more as and when thoughts flow :)

Aparana Pitale said...

Wow... nice one... enjoyed reading it.. so let us know in the end which girl you settle down with.. :)
Would like to follow your blog..

Karan said...

@Aparana - Thanks for appreciating . As for the girl ,well,time has plans for everyone.Let's see and wait ,for the good ones to follow !! ;) And these are just thoughts :) ...

Anonymous said...

whats??? such a long many girls shortlisted and still waiting for miracles to happen??? are u expecting god to come down and formally announce the name of chosen one??

Karan said...

As shared in the post and quote " Also,the views / relations / religions shared / expressed are not to be misquoted or misinterpreted " .


Anonymous said...

hmm....I'm just surprised what are you waiting for despite having such a long list...well forgot to add my name in the last comment---Abhishek Garg :)