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Friday, July 16, 2010

Get well soon - tiger

This one is important.

Today morning I got a text from a colleague . Still in my "processing mode" I managed to read - " Do Pray for him ."

Just by reading this line I was numb. Gaining cognizance I read the entire text.

A colleague of mine met with an accident at the ill-famed DND flyover . He was admitted to the ICU . No one knows what really happened . He was critical.

I rushed to the office and sensed something was losing. The usual cheerful faces were in "no-mood" tags today.Everyone seemed to be in that same thought.We managed to make our way out of the office to the hospital.

Believe me , I loose my energy and myself everytime I walk into a hospital. The entire scene makes me dead.And more, when you are headed to the ICU . He was in the ICU and the usual "daring" Karan wasn't able to walk past the entry door.The entire family was outside and the guard said to me - " Only one person at a time".

I managed to get inside , praying and looking all around . There was nothing but HOPE. I saw him and I felt so disenabled that all I could do was to stand there. I met him the previous evening and never I knew that I'll be witnessing him today like this.Just managed to control my tears I just couldn't stay there. I went out .

Hospitals,blood,injections,needles and the piercing make me think always why life gives us this ?

Driving kills. It's true. Drive safe . Please. Everyone is someone's someone . One moment of your speed thrust can wash away the entire generations of a family.

I hope he gets well soon and for all those - Please be safe. 


Shivani said...

I almost met an accident while driving on the Dharuhera road on NH-8. Had the angle been a little different, I would've collided head on with a huge truck. I can totally understand what pain and terror your friend and his family must be in.

I wish him a long life.

Karan said...

@Shivani - Heya !! You take care and drive safe.Hope he gets well soon !! :)

Mehak said...

hope he gets well soon.. and yeah,driving safe is crucial...

Karan said...

@Mehak -Thanks ya. You take care.

A Girl Who Believed In Angels said...

hw is he doin now?

Karan said...

@A Girl Who Believed In Angels - He is recovering well.Shifted to a normal ward and undergoing medication.

@All - thanks to all for your best wishes !!