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16 November 2009

Some folks related this to - 16 December -starring Milind & Dipannita ;)
They say - "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.You must set yourself on FIRE".
Good things happen to good people who too have good people by their side.
Just to sprinkle , good time ,good luck ,good blessings & yes ! good love also do the final refining.

Something similar happened on 16 November,2009.

My third semester exams started from this date . That's just a part worth :)

A lot more happened .

In words of my peers ,as they said -

Karan -
-->your MBA is OVER / has come to an end
-->you can / could possibly be engaged now....even marry
-->why even study for the exams . Damn. You don't need to .
-->so all sincere people making it to the top,
-->you deserved it all,
-->Enjoy whatever time you have in the B-school to the full......
Views and opinions matter. Only good ones :) ;)

So,why all this "gyaan" on one single day. For it&#…