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I recetly met my buaji who was busy with the elections.However,she managed to say to me "Baba,do vote".
and will I ?
There ought to be no reasons for saying NO-I can't / I won't.

If the PM can vote and
so can AdvaniJi ,
if SRK can come all the way from CapeTown to vote and
if the physically dispaired Param Vir Chakra Medal awardee Arjun Bisht can also vote without miss,
If the girl from my school days can vote,and
above all If India can vote

It's your country , your right so you should actually find reasons that make your "no" into "yes" .
We give "n" reasons which I just can't type......for not going to vote . But,deep down inside ,as said by a great political thinker that "you're a true citizen a true Indian only if you vote.Because that's the way in which you show your care for your country and your right of choosing your government.

So please go and VOTE.
India Votes
Karan Votes
Jai H…

call back !! plz

I recently met someone. :)
After 3 years I flew Jet Airways.And ,guess what , I came back home after 6 months.

Nikita always says - " Karan,sometimes I feel like kicking your #$%@ for you not reverting to my calls".

Sorry ,Niks. Kya karoon.....I also don't know why I do this.  :(

btw-I have changed now. I have now 2 cellphones and believe me if I am not sleeping I am on the phone.
But,this wasn't like this . I hated to talk on the phone.Mind you,I talk very well but I talk crisp.So long talks , I can't do.

Another dear friend Radhika,said I'll buy you an international sim card,make sure it's never out of balance but "WILL YOU CALL" ?

I will.Make sure you give me HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 as well. Looks better then :-)

Well,it all depends on the person whom you're talking,his/her mood ,the time of the day and above all you and his/her linkage.

If it's all well then you both can carry on till the wee hours else it's within Kimi's pitst…

Wassup ? Long time ? No C !!

I haven't been dying to write this.
But yes I was kind a missing writing :-(

Why ?

Nothing much!!
EXAMS.Aur kya ?

Always its the same story.No matter how much preparation you do , how much doses of self-confidence you impose,how much effort you put in - at the end it's the last minute studies that count.

In my case its carrying my notes and stuff write in the examination hall upto my seat.huh ! Loads of "dum" required.Not really.

Believe me - MBA is tough !!
Now leaders from different school of thoughts would have different views.

This and that and all that.Crap.

I find it tough.Why ?
When you have back to back subjects with the likes of FM ,COSTING,B2B....(sorry emerging stuff something I still don't know what its all about though I managed to get a perfect A+) ....everyday......MBA is not that bad.

Gosh ! I am so unpredicatable....

Then,is MBA all about how much you study ? May be yes may be not.

MBA is more of teamwork.Or groups. as we say.
It's utter…