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Friday, October 16, 2009

Night before Diwali :)

Date - 16th October , 2009
Venue - someplace , Pune
Activity - Sipping my favourite cappuccino coffee

Tomorrow is Diwali .
Childhood memories take me back to days when it was "THE" festival for me.
I recall how it pumped into me tremendous energy flows , excitement -the entire festive joy would come into me.

The crackers ,the sweets,people coming to wish . This festival has immense positivity attached to itself.

We used to have a week long vacation , or may be more ,at good old school days. And then as they say back home , in Delhi - "Diwali jaate hi....sardi aa jate hai"......and Winter happens to be my favourite season.

It was just so amazing.DIVINE.

As time flew by, the spirit became matured - kind a refined . Crackers went down, so did the sweets .It became a "usual" meeting & wishing festival.

They say -
Time heals you up.
Time makes you think again.
Time makes everything up at one time and down at another.

During my engineering college days , Diwali was perhaps the only occasion of having a "decent" buffer of offs to go home.More than Diwali it was the joy of coming back to Delhi and to my family.Diwali was just another reason.

That's how time changes.

Now in my final year of post graduation -Diwali-still holds a special place but I fail to classify it as what ... :)

Over lunch ,today,we were discussing who all had gone to their homes today,who all are leaving tomorrow and who all are not going.

Yes . Sounds strange.

But yes there are people who stay back . And its not new in PG courses rather it was usual in my undergrads days as well.

It's not that given an option one wouldn't go back home.Spend time with family,meet people,have home cooked food,chat up with old pals ,go shopping and the likes........

BUT, it's just that priorities change.So no matter what festival it is we prioritise.That's why we are called as "grown ups" in this mature society where we live.

A friend from far of Pune,said to me -"Its been like close to 4 years since I last went home".

baap re !! Not really.
It's not that he didn't want to , but, somethings you just can't put in words.

Twist -

Was watching Wake up Sid of late and realised one fact -

They say girls marry and go of. Never to come back.

But have you ever thought about boys. ?

In my case I remember, I left home in 2002.

My engineering, work life , MBA actually took me away from home.
I feel the same now also.
I go to home but I know its not permanent.
I have to come back .

Wish I could just spend some more time at home.... :(

Had a talk with a friend of mine in Canada. We met @ our MBA prep. school.
He so wanted to come back.But.................

Well that's life.

I can go on and on.....and as Rags always say - "baby-come out .It's morning".

Wish all my readers (past,present & future) a happy and a safe Diwali.

Remember its not the bonds that bond's the ties that tie us .

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