Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the baby DIED.

OK.It hurts.

This is a story....or if I can say,an experience of one of my dearest friends-Naina.Part of the "next-gen" or the "youngistaan" of today as we call it.

We both went to the same preparatory school,lived in the same locality for a couple of years,shared some amazing moments together,played,laughed  & cried ( at different times ) .And became the best of pals .

When I joined Symbiosis last year-2008 for my masters ,she completed her masters and came back from the US.

She was in love. That's what she said to me.They were together for almost 2 years.They were getting engaged. I was so so happy for her. Lucky "he".

Before leaving for Pune,we met.And that meeting ,I can never forget.

She cried and cried and cried. And unstoppable she was. I had no clues what to do ,what to say so that I could bring her smile back. ( one of those moments when poor Karan - just can't do a thing  !! )

They broke up.

And she said-"the baby died".

I was clueless . Nothing seems to be going straight for me.

She explained with the tears still falling.


"-I don't know what happened Karan. We started talking like complete strangers . I wasn't feeling comfortable and neither was he.I tried my level best to talk/share to him his worries/concern,but he was just not interested.It was so good sometime back and yet, time changed everything.

He didn't communicated what he wanted.Neither he said what happened. He just walked off.

Leaving me shattered . My dreams ,my world & my life was dead .

It felt as if I would die the very moment.

He just went.Never to come back.I tried calling him / mailing him,but little did I knew that not only I was out of his life but also out of his mobile/fb/email's etc.

I tried so hard that he communicated with me what had happened. But.....

After some time ,I lost .

Relationships are so so fragile.Just like new born babies. They need to be nurtured,pampered and loved.

He killed my baby. And that too - " tadpa tadpa ke" .

My baby died in front of me and I could do nothing.

(I can never forget these lines.I cried that day.And I cry everytime I think about this)

I will never forgive him for this.

I am still recovering. Because I know there are many people who love me,care for me and need me. And with that one person going from my life ,my life should not come at a halt."


These are her words. I know how she came up from this. She almost died.

I consider myself to be very patient.But ,if you meet Naina you'll know what patience is all about.It took almost one year for her to come up from this.Not many people knew what had happened.She lost the real Naina-her smile,her bindaas nature.Everything.

But,she handled it very well. She went back to the US.Took up a great job and is doing real well.

We met yesterday -11th August,2009. Though ,I was still recovering from my illness,I didn' t wanted to let her go.She has become the old Naina. And I am so happy for her.

Not everyone can do what she did. I have no words . All I believe now,more,is,

-"jo hua acha hua"-

By the way - She wanted me to share this with all my readers . So,here I am writing this .

.Just for you . -Palak :)

Yes,the smile returned back to its original place.

Naina-You know nothing is for free .So,make sure you wear your smile .24*7*365.Else I'll come to know sitting "saat samunder paar"also. And yes,the souffle still tastes that great !!

By the way - I was feeling so powerless.With 104 c fever,I thought if I touch anything it would burn.After I finished writing this I was normal. Recovering process picks up some speed. :)

Sorry - to make you cry...once in a while...tears are nice way to make feel light-hearted !!

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