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Year - 2008 -

Long time again !!
Or rather a year has passed on.....or we have moved ahead !!
Perceptions and more of them....I still don't know what all does this term contains.
On January 1 I got a record number of messages and decent number of calls.
And one question which was prominent was- SO HOWZ THE YEAR GONE ?
Well I always fail to answer such tough single line questions....:-(
Because the answers are more than one line :-)
Well,to start with 2007 was not a very GOOD year to say so.

A friend went into a different stage...
Had to sit for the so called B-SCHOOL exams......
Had to join career launcher to launch my career.......
Moreover,had to bid adieu to one of my karate trainers...... goes on...

I had a certain number of expectations from 2008.
First was " a decent b-school" . Infact,this was the only one.:-)
And guess what I got it -
We all I can say and think that a lot can happen when our aims,ambitions fly...high...
You cannot get everything but still you get something really good.
I got through SIIB . I don't know if it was destined ,but I here I am.And I like it.:-)

When I clicked on the result link,typed my snap id and "enter" ..................



Things change very fast.Since I am a keen follower of astrology I believe "when a time has to come,it will come."
We always think its late or "kaash" jaldi aa jata.
But,dreams are meant to be DREAMS. :-0
This is was a good moment.
A bad one was also there. After all,two wrongs never make one right.
And one plus one minus take you back to basics :-)
I wish everyone shall have a satisfying new year -2009.
Expect nothing.Pray for everything. Humans after all :-)
Happy New Year -God Bless.
btw-watched Rabb ne bana di jodi....Nice one......


Niharika Sharma said… should also mention about meeting a new friend at the begining of the year....
I hope u remember that person.. :P
Niharika Sharma said…
You forgot to mention about a new friend whom you met at the begining of the year.....ahaan..remember better do... :P

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