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Showing posts from June 1, 2008

"MIG"ration - move to move

Ever marveled as to why do we walk ? What is the movement all about ? Is it really required ? Can't life be easy and smooth ? Why change ? Why keep on locomoting? Give it a thought. Use your top power.

Change is here.Change is essential .You change everyday as the milieu around you switches. These are some of the old banalities that you took heed ,time and again.

Lets start with the "online" part(since its fast and used even faster). Earlier ,it was hotmail,aol and the likes....then came in yahoo and now gmail. Changed your email. Blogging started off with blogspot now it's flip-flopping towards wordpress. Orkut,then came facebook ,wayn....and another set of "buddy webs".

Earlier you used rediff/yahoo messengers .Now ,please come on Gtalk. WHY ? WHY change ? Why keep alternating ?

What is / was the primary need of such things ? TO BE IN TOUCH. STAY CONNECTED. Someone says dating,making new friends...... Now when you log in and see your orkut - 600+ friends…