Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthdays - Either you remember before time or next year on time !

Costa Coffee ....on of my deary they say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee....remember. A LOT.
Kind of a make-break situation.... :-)

Sunday evenings are usually free , so was out with my gang.....abridged in number....was enjoying my regular one ....and then...

A couple ( according to me when A men and A women are together for a coffee cup better to call them as a company rather than individuals )....came in. Looked like it was there usual rendezvous.

Since, light travels faster than sound,people appear brighter before you hear them speak.,they sat somewhat next to us and even before the AC could cool them off...she started......."This is the second time in two years .You missed it again ."

Generally,its a "gandi-baat" to listen to people's talk, but when they say at "surround" sound's the ears catch them .LOUD AND CLEAR.

Thought,he missed it again by not asking her father about there future. :-)

(...Apne beti ka haath mujhe de do...Uncle.....aka Future FIL .....Plz.......)


Galat Jawab. He missed her birthday.......and by how many days......
of what I 2 minutes.....

Pat came the reply....." I messaged you at 12 but,somehow never reached .

Oh brother....the door bell or your mobile phone will always ring when you are in the bathroom......Same with your birthday message.

"So,it never got delievered"- he WANTED TO ask...On this she said-"there is something called as delivery reports".

Oh my......somebody help this poor soul out.....kya hua....agar late ho gaye toh.....atleast he thought in his thoughts about her and wished her "happy birthday". So,what if the message never came.....This is direct dil-dil link.

NO.This is next-gen. If you miss you loose.

Birthdays are important.I agree.More important to wish also.But,does it really matters if you're late....may be genuinely late.No second chance. WHY ? When you say you understand the opposite person more than you do then why a pinch of time-lag nicks the relation that critically. There are times,when people don't remember there own birthdays.These are the people who remember "your"Birthdays. Religiously. But,galti toh ho jaati hai. Most important thing is wishing from your heart. Even if you forgot or you're late ,make a point to wish . This will be more than "wishing on time".

What say....this is what I follow.........or rarther started to follow after a few heavy doses :-(

And, the next time you message make sure you call.That's better & safe.
Atleast you have the right to say I gave you a call which got termed as a "missed call". Your Job done.

One call once a year....not a big-ticket rekindle the relation.

And I'll like to add . DON'T MENTION THE WORD - TREAT . Come on . Are you that hungry to get one. Your job is to wish "janamdin mubarak" . FINISH. No hopefulnesses !

Rest,the birthday person is healthy enough to ask you if would like to have one.

Let me remember -- who's birthday is coming.......hmmmm........still time..........

Jab "they" Met

First came a call ....then a wedding the sweet box......?? Foxed ! I was !

But,not for so long.I figure out things quite fast.QUITE,indeed. So,my good old "bat-ball" friend and my Big B was getting married ! I thought since it was April,so I may be heading towards becoming a -"Bakra",anytime. But,its not always true what you think. So,hold your thoughts ..

Yes.He was.How could he ? So soon ? ok ......not that soon.....but still.......

So,the next question or rather conformation was "who's that girl" ?? You never know when people say...No. No girls.Its a....... Better left than said.

So,it was her.....yes....yes......I remember....but,how did this all happen ? So soon ?

The story goes back to one of my deary places - Rajasthan ! [Whenever you in India ,do visit this state.....and for those who are here....whatz kiboshing you ? ]

Raj(aka Rajnesh) met Rashmi at one of our trips to Jaipur.The place where we stayed was near her home. Sometimes,it just get clicked....for no rhyme or reason. They saw ,he asked ,she was a bit hesitant but,it had to.She agreed to take us through a "guided"tour of the city.And yes.....we loved the city and he loved the guide. On our last,day we visited her home.....Ok......The parents were somehow brought into the network......(you see Indians are very good at-"jugaad") :-)

Look who's saying...

Met them at there place for lunch.....yummy it was....before leaving handed over some token of thanks and LEFT.

That was it.

NO.I was wrong.In this "mobile" + "e-world" nothing is impossible.The numbers and emails had already been exchanged.They were on the others gtalk/messenger's list. Wow !Now thats fast. !

So,after trying and talking for almost 1+ years.....Raj said...Lets get it done. I asked so,where's the girl from..( see I hardly remember )..He said you know her.I was like....Ok.....let me check my database.

No results what. He said its "that" girl whom we met at "that" place ....... ?~

Oh.....oh......ho......Sheeee....... How come? When ? Why ? ....all ????? (remembered)

He said....."bus ho jata hai"....and I didn't want to say....."Kaash"

You see,there very few people...who take this much of [risk]....they talk,they try,they work out...and yes-they made things happen. Sometimes,it's better to say your feelings rather than ponder over and over thinking - I know - The answer is "NO".

Be positive,give your best ,in a refined manner and never know when you might be sitting next to your someone and getting clicked !

It happens in a fraction of a second and faster than you can ever imagine.

So,before the train leaves....share your,that you have less "baggage" to take home.

Khama gani.....Rajasthan Padharo....

[PS-Her little sister who is now a Docotor was really cute.And what more she gave me Rajasthani "kadaai" shirt.]

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