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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Journeys are memorable !!!

Now it’s not my fault if I meet good people on my way!!

Same thing happened this time.

June 4 was the day I left Delhi for Pune. No way similar, to Karishma leaving Abhishek for Sunjay!!

And whom I met it’s already been written,earlier.

NOW, October 25 was the day I was earmarked to go to Delhi.

See, after so long SIIB gives time to its “brand ambassadors” to go home.

As it was Diwali time needless to say the very reliable Bhartiya Rail was out of tickets.

Thanks to my lovely people in Delhi, they somehow managed to get two tickets. (Me and my roomie).

Yes, waiting tickets!!

But, they were close to 100% sure that it would be confirmed.

I was more than sure!

But, it not always happens as the way you like it to be.

So, whatever may be the reasons we were UNCONFIRMED :-( (May be diwali time, Friday.....)

Believe me; going to Delhi after a long time, close 28 hours journey, you can't expect anything wrong to happen.
But, MBA’s are made to be flexible and positive at all times. (We had no other options.)
We boarded the train and VOLA!! There were students all around .But, the baggage they were carrying made me think if at all they would be coming back ever.

Won't go into details.

I met my or rather we traced out one of our classmates who was sweet and kind enough to help us. (She had to)

All the baggage which included the laptops, were kept in safe custody with her.

And the rest, here and there. :-)

Believe me; noone helps you in such situations. Exceptions are always there.

Honeslty, if I were at her place, sleeping with three laptop bags on the seat, is just not easy.

Kudos to her for all the help!!

Now, this is about it. Rest we managed :-)

About the return journey.

This is was much better. A confirmed ticket .A new train. And some new people. I was travelling alone :-(

But,the moment I entered I saw the entire cabin, where my seat was, was already filled with baggage. My gosh ! Who the hell was travelling!

Soon, I was told by a visibly tensed aunty that - "my daughter has one ticket confirmed. And 5 of her friends had waiting tickets".

What to more to say. I understand things pretty fast. Right Neha!
So, because it was Delhi, because Dad and........ were with me and as usual we had our armed guards, my luggage was given due respect and in it went.

So the journey started.

Soon, the aunt’s daughter's friend's (OK ... Pankhuri's friends) realised nothing GOOD was to happen that they wished for. No seats.

I know how it feels!!! :-)

Then in front of the my seat( side upper and side lower ) came 3 dudes !....what do I say , hmm,innocent looking people .

All three students. Two from BVP, Pune and the other from MIT, Pune.

I was feeling bored. I tried hard to wrap my Statistics Worksheets ,but, believe me I love " to marro gappein". Whenever time permits.That’s exactly what I did.

Came down from my seat (upper birth) and that was it!!

They say time flies so fast when you're enjoying.


We never knew when it flew!

Those three were so very innocent. With the freshness of recent 12 pass out ,doing engineering ,trying to adjust to the hostel life ,I walked back into my initial days of Engineering College life.

Really, the innocent questions they asked, the way their eyes looked up to me for I don't know for what, the hope, the positivity and the freshness they had made me realised that time has gone by.

I am a grown up now. Someone whom people can ask for help/suggestion/gyaan. uh ho uh ho !!

And I was game.

I tried my best to answer what all possible wide reached queries they had in minds.

Whenever you travel through MP, make sure, at Bhopal, you have lassi.ONLY SANCHI's.(local milk cooperative's product). - the boys said.
Whenever I am in a fix,I prefer to go for the products that have been recommended to me by my trusted reviewers.

See you learn things from so many people. No matter if they are elder, younger or just like you.
They told me about the famous "lassi of Sanchi” which is a must have, which they bought for me and I was fida for this gesture.


What else, as you grow up you tend to be rigid. Little flexible. Tough to change ideas/beliefs.

But inside us all we have a child, who is innocent and always in need of pampering.

So, try to let out that child in you more often than you think you need!!

It was a good journey. Both ways.

Something to blog about :-)

PS-Did I miss anyone? Engg. Working for a Pune based company.
And and and.....

That’s about it!!


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